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Our First Patient

Our First Patient
Dr. Carl Whitehouse and Salome Huinac

"We would like to thank all of our friends, families and other members of our community for their generous support in donating glasses, knitted booties, medical equipment and other supplies towards our mission. Your kindness is most appreciated"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday - Practice Clinic Day

Tuesday was our day to get to the village and set up for a test run of our clinic.

We started out with a visit to the school where we were welcomed with speeches thanking the Rotarians for the new furniture and whiteboards that we provided.
In this picture Pat Batchelor is reviewing some of the schoolwork that the children have worked on.

Here's some of the smiling faces of the children standing in front of their new white board. The only thing that the kids like more than having their pictures taken is seeing the picture after it is taken on the digital camera.

When we arrived at the village there were speeches welcoming us by the village leaders and introductions of the Team.

Then we got busy sorting through the big suitcases that had completed their long journey from Ontario with the glasses, medicine and equipment that we needed for our clinic.

Barbara Whitehouse is conducting the basic acuity test with Basilio Chay. Basilio is one of our four translators and we put all of them through the process so that they can provide first hand information to the people who will be going through our 7 days of clinics.

Susan Geoffreon is at the other end of the classroom pointing to the letters on the chart.
At lot of our patients were seeing 20/30 which means they see at 20' what the average person can see at 30'.

Here Pat Batchelor administers putting drops in Basilio Chay's eyes to dilate them for testing. It take about 15 minutes for the eyes to become fully dilated.

While we're waiting for the 15 minutes to go by Barb Gutherie oversees a basic health check. First Barb takes their blood pressure.

Then Sue Landry takes and checks a blood sample to see if there are any concerns about diabetes.

Steve Brown is using the autorefractor to determine the strength of lenses that the patient may need. Dr. Carl uses this information as part of the diagnosis to finalize the prescription for any corrective lenses required.
Here Dr. Carl Whitehouse examines the inside of Salone Huinac's eye and then prescribes the type of glasses if they are needed.

After the glasses have been selected from the 2600 odd pairs we have brought with us Janet Batchelor fits them to the patient and has them do a quick test to see how they work.

Tomorrow we return for our first full day of testing.

Stay tuned for an update........

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  1. Hi Perth Rotarians - Great PICs - we are all very envious of this opportunity you are obviously enjoying very much - will enjoy seeing the movie and reading the book!

    Best wishes from the Rotary Club of Iqaluit - I will inform our club of your progress today at our lunch meeting!